Michoacán Road Package




Construction, modernization and operation contract relating to different stretches of the Pátzcuaro-Uruápan-Lázaro Cárdenas toll motorway, located in the State of Michoacán. The concession period is 30 years and the total investment €505 M.

The road network is 362.4 km, 273.2 km of which are existing roads and 89.2 km has a new layout.

The most relevant undertakings are the following:

Construction of Morelia Bypass: 64.1 km

Construction of Uruápan Bypass: 25.2 km

In the 56.7 km long Pátzcuaro-Uruápan stretch: widening to 4 lanes in the whole stretch

In the 215.4 km long Uruápan-Lázaro Cárdenas stretch: adaptation works in a 100 km long stretch and extension of another 59.4 km long stretch.