Our company has experienced solid and continuous growth in all parts of the organization, production, quality of execution, internal processes, economic profitability and presence in other administrations and clients with a clear vocation for innovation and diversification of our activities in a scenario that is increasingly more competitive, dynamic and demanding.

This would not have been achieved without the effort and participation by all the staff at our organization which is doubtlessly the best asset we have and our differentiating element.

We are over 1000 professionals, distributed throughout our different national and international offices. We work in a multidisciplinary setting where work is valued and the development of talent is facilitated as well as professional and personal growth.

The Human Resources department’s main goal is to strike a balance between our employees’ requirements and the business’s needs. It does so by maintaining and promoting a high level of commitment and professional growth so that our staff will want to continue participating in our future challenges. Our ongoing quest for new markets, business opportunities and a clear innovative vocation has turned us into a company with a big appeal for employees to develop professionally.

Professional training and career development

Our commitment to professional training and career development starts with the conviction that it is not possible to meet our corporate objectives without first encouraging the growth of the people who are part of our organization. This is only attained by improving professional qualifications and ongoing updates of knowledge applied at work.

In this regard, we understand that the training and development activities must satisfy the real needs presented by the job’s activity. To do so, the perspectives of the company and the people who comprise it must fit together. This is why we record the opinion of each of the organization’s components every year. We do so to design and prepare our Training and Professional Development Plans.

The training actions that comprise our yearly programming are adapted to each of the organization’s functional unit. They especially influence the technical contents and development of personal skills. To implement them, we use different training methodologies: e-learning, onsite training, etc.

Our Human Resources management policies include the definition and implementation of specific plans or programs that make it possible to respond to specific areas of professional development of particular groups or professionals. This applies to both the short and long term, and the purpose is to cover the opportunities that may arise in the future.


Internship programs

At Grupo Azvi we have a clear commitment to professional internship programs as a vehicle to favour inserting young university students and recent graduates into the workforce, training and developing their professional career. To do so, we have set up cooperation agreements with the major Spanish Universities. This enables us to periodically have scholarship holders with us receiving training and professional development in our different functional areas.

Based on our different lines of business, the most sought after academic specialties for securing internships at our different companies are:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Technical Engineering of Public Works
  • Land Surveying Technical Engineering
  • Technical or Upper Level Architecture
  • Technical or Upper Level Industrial Engineering
  • Geology
  • Business Administration, Economics, Law, Work Relations and Work Science, Corporate Science, etc.

We are looking for people interested in developing themselves professionally in our sector, with a proactive spirit, the capacity to learn and work as a team, and a high degree of commitment and responsibility.

To participate in our corporate internship programs, send us your CV, stating PRÁCTICAS (INTERNSHIPS) in the subject line to: selecció

Work-life balance

Our company has measures and instruments that allow us to respond to the new working conditions that our professionals seek in order to better reconcile their professional and family lives.

Achieving this balance enables us to have a more satisfied staff that is willing to commit themselves to the corporate objectives.

The different initiatives aimed at optimizing reconciling work and family currently include: flexible hours for starting and finishing work, shorter workday, intensive workday during summer months, Friday afternoons off, etc.

Equality and integration

In Grupo Azvi we are quite aware of our social responsibility as a company. There is a general commitment, led by the main management divisions with the active policies and initiatives aimed at guaranteeing equal opportunities, full social equality and insertion into the workforce of people with disabilities and integrating the different groups into our organizational structure.

Equal treatment and opportunities among men and women is a fundamental principle stated in our laws that must be accompanied by measures that contribute to enforcing the provisions of legal texts. It is as much a right as it is a duty for Grupo Azvi, as a socially responsible company, and its male and female employees are committed.

Our main interest is to have the best possible human capital. We can only achieve this by selecting professionals from a perspective of equality, thus guaranteeing that everyone has the same opportunities of access and professional progress in the organizational structure of our different companies.