We celebrate the sixteenth edition of the Azvi Awards

PremiosAzvi2022The Azvi Awards are the highlight of our annual calendar of events, where we celebrate important projects and businesses, the achievement of objectives, solidarity and where, above all, we are proud that all of this is possible thanks to the great team that makes up Grupo Azvi.

In these 2022 Awards we have had the great honour of the company of the Mayor of Seville, Antonio Muñoz, the FUTER Lieutenant General, Carlos Melero Claudio, the Andalusian Regional Minister of Development, Infrastructures and Territorial Planning, Marifrán Carazo Villalonga, the Andalusian Regional Minister of Employment, Training and Self-Employment, Rocío Blanco Eguren, the Regional Government Delegate of the Government of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia in Seville, Ricardo Sánchez Antúnez, the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, Francisco Herrero León, the president of Fadeco, Rafael Sánchez Alcalá, the president and manager of GAESCO Seville, Francisco Martín González and Juan Aguilera Ruiz, among other friends, and representatives of the business, economic and social spheres.

We were also joined by the great team from the Andalusia’s Deparment of Development: Mario Muñoz-Atanet, Alicia Martínez Martín and Enrique Catalina Carmona, as well as the managing director of the Andalusian Regiional Government’s Agency for Public Works, Julio J. Caballero Sánchez.

In this sixteenth edition, the categories and the winners of the Azvi Awards are as follows:


The Azvi Award for the Best Work recognises the work that has best met the award’s criteria , due to its technical characteristics, quality of execution, compliance with the deadline and the client’s expectations.,. This year, the Evaluation Committee has chosen the E-75 motorway construction project, Lot 1: Grdelica-Predejane Tunnel, in Serbia, as the winning project.

This is an innovative, singular project in Serbia, which has become a reference in the Balkan country, in which thecomplete construction of a 6.15 km section has been carried out, with an investment of 215 million euros. The project encompasses all types of actions that have had to be synchronised and which reflect the technological challenge developed: local, national and motorway roads, prestressed beam bridges, overpasses, galleries, concrete, gabion and reinforced soil walls, containment and stabilisation of slopes, river and stream regulation, power lines and environmental integration measures.

The works team consisted of: Antonio Jesús Jiménez, site manager, Julio Valdivieso, site manager, Alfonso Alemany, site/production manager, Fernando Aranda, site manager, Mario Barcala, head of topography, José Antonio Muñoz, head of topography, José Antonio Navarro, foreman, Miguel Ángel García, foreman, Zoran Ristovic, contractor’s representative, Mira Pekic, head of administration, and Gustavo Pastor, quality, prevention and environment technician.


This year, the Evaluation Committee has decided to award a special mention to the works developed by Azvi in the construction of the Peralta-Olite section of the Zaragoza-Navarre High Speed Line, which were executed fulfilling all the objectives and commitments acquired with the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, in the midst of all the vicissitudes caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

The successfully completed works are characterised mainly by compliance with the established deadlines and by speeding up all the necessary processes to turn a project that has contributed to the development of our country’s infrastructures and, therefore, to economic development and the well-being of the people, into reality.

The Works Manager was Ignacio Martín Bernal.


This year, Grupo Azvi also wished to recognise the work carried out by the Technical Management in Mexico which, over a successful 16-year history, has been awarded a total of 21 infrastructure projects, with a total value of over 1.5billion euros.

More than 720 km of road in construction, modernisation and maintenance contracts and 460 km of track assembly guarantee the great work carried out. In addition, Mexico’s technical management has successfully developed all types of contracts: Concession, Construction, Lump Sum Projects, Financed Works, as well as offering the necessary technical assistance at all times.

This is thanks to the professionalism, technical capacity, commitment and quality of its team, which, during the pandemic, was able to implement two projects of great magnitude and importance in the Mexican railway sector: section 3 of the Tren Maya, and section 1 of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec Railway.

Likewise, Cupisa, our Mexican subsidiary for the installation of mechanical and technological systems, has positioned itself as a benchmark in this sector by carrying out such an emblematic project as the elevated trolleybus in Mexico City, which was successfully completed in 2022. In all of this, Azvi’s Technical Management in the Aztec country has been a key element.


The management of quality, health and safety and the environment are fundamental for all those who make up Grupo Azvi. That is why we wanted to recognise the commendable work carried out in this area in Mexico by Fernando López Ibáñez, head of the area, and by Martín Saucedo Reyes, in charge of Health and Safety. With 70 professionals working every day for the health and safety of everyone, year after year they have managed to renew all the certifications of the Construcciones Urales Management Systems on time and to obtain them for the first time in 2022 for Cupisa.


The diversification project launched two decades ago by Grupo Azvi led to the exploration of new lines of business, some of which are closely linked to our railway core. Hence, when freight transport by rail was liberalised in Spain in 2007, Grupo Azvi decided to create a company for this purpose, Traccion Rail, and was one of the first in the country to obtain the licence to operate.

Since then, Tracción Rail, which combines the company’s experience with the youngest average workforce and the experience and know-how of some of the company’s most senior professionals, has done nothing but grow, providing services both to external clients and to the Group’s own companies.

This progression and this spirit of growth and improvement, without barriers, has led the Evaluation Committee to award Traccion Rail the Azvi Business Trajectory Award.


The Gold Badges recognise the effort and commitment of the professionals who, for 25 years, have been participating in the development and growth of the company.

These professionals represent a fundamental value for the company. Their knowledge of our culture and good business practices should serve as a guide for all the employees of the different companies that make up our business group.

It is a source of pride and satisfaction for all of us to pay tribute to these professionals.

On the one hand, this year the Gold Badge has been awarded to Gabriel Peñafiel, Director of Contracting and Business Development of Azvi, Alfonso José Alemany Rojo, Head of Production, Ventura Cabanillas Acero, Topographer, Alfonso Iruela Sánchez-Patón, Head of Administration of the Central-North area, Antonio Rafael Gutiérrez Luque, foreman, Juan José González Álvez, foreman of the railway delegation, José María Hernández Navarro, foreman of the railway delegation, Manuel Escudero Barroso, foreman of the railway delegation, José Lizán Sánchez, foreman of the railway delegation, Antonio Donate García, foreman of the railway delegation.

Likewise, Javier de la Cruz Larregla, director of Ispalvia, Alberto Bravo Manchado, María del Mar Antoranz de Lucas, secretary to the management, Francisco Calzado Pérez, clerk of the railway delegation, Francisco José Aguilar Núñez, clerk of the railway delegation, José Moral Gutiérrez, foreman of the railway delegation, Miguel Ángel Jurado Olea, foreman of the machinery department, and Francisco Luis García Delcán, clerk of the machinery department, have also received the insignia for the celebration of this anniversary in 2022.


For Grupo Azvi, Social Responsibility is voluntarily integrated in the management of our activities, in the needs, expectations and demands of our stakeholders, reconciling the improvement of economic results and the full compliance of our obligations, with social welfare and sustainable growth.

The Grupo Azvi Foundation is one of the channels through which Grupo Azvi materialises the commitment assumed with the social development of the environments where it is present, with the implementation of its own programmes or in collaboration with other organisations and entities.

This year, the Grupo Azvi Foundation wanted to recognise the volunteer work of the teams of the Los Andes Land Port (Chile) and the Tapachula-Talismán Motorway (Mexico), who have shown a strong commitment to children in vulnerable situations by collaborating with different entities such as the Sagrada Familia, Laura Vicuña and Belén homes in Chile, and the Esperanza Shelter in Mexico.

Likewise, the work of ADA Instituto Tecnológico Superior has also been highlighted for its commitment to professional training and its potential as a tool for personal development and social transformation.


Every year, the Grupo Azvi Foundation organises the Grupo Azvi Foundation Children’s Drawing Competition in which the children and young relatives of Grupo Azvi employees take part.

In this edition, the jury, which included the artists Reyes de la Lastra and Antonino Parilla, awarded first prize in the Fundación Grupo Azvi Children’s Drawing competition to  the drawing by 8-year-old Javier Pariente Bermejo. The 1st special mention was awarded to the drawing by Álvaro Serrano Rodríguez, aged 6, and the 2nd, to Álvaro N. Sánchez Hidalgo, aged 10.

As in previous years, these drawings have been used as Grupo Azvi’s Christmas cards.