Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Grupo Azvi, whose main objective is to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and deterioration of health, has implemented an Occupational Health and Safety Management System that allows it to eliminate hazards and reduce risks in all its work places, in accordance with the following principles:

  • Guarantee occupational health and safety conditions to its employees
  • Compliance faithfully of the occupational health & safety legal norms, as well as any other norm related to the field
  • Apply continuous improvement principles of the Occupational health and safety management system
  • Encourage a culture of occupational health and safety within the company in all hierarchical levels, as well as the commitment to consultation and participation
  • Implementation of procedures and provision of resources to eliminate hazards and reduce risks
  • Evaluation of risks that cannot be avoided, and establishment of adequate controls
  • Eliminate risks at source, not only improving situations of risks already manifested
  • Continuous training of personnel in occupational health and safety matters. The training, information and participation of all is essential to establish an adequate preventive culture and a high level of cooperation
  • Commitment to the improvement of the occupational health and safety, and welfare of its workers, as well as to Road Safety

Health and Safety Training

Azvi will ensure sufficient and appropriate training and information, on accident prevention according to the provisions included in Spanish Law 31/1995 on Occupational Risks Prevention and R.D. 1627/1997 Provisions Minimum safety and health in construction works.

In 2009, in order to give added value to the training, Azvi obtained the approval of the Construction Labour Foundation to provide training activities in occupational risk prevention.

Also, new training experience has been started in equipment handling. Theoretical concepts obtained in this training are then integrated into the practical part. These training experiences have been well received among workers.


Mobility and Road Safety

Carta_europea_seg_vial_redIn its commitment to the mobility and road safety of its employees, Grupo Azvi has a Mobility and Road Safety Plan with the aim of reducing traffic accidents among its staff, employing the means and measures available, helping to create new safer and effective habits.

In accordance with this commitment, it has identified principles, regarding them as the basic tenets of its policy on the management of mobility and road safety.

Also, Grupo Azvi signed the European Road Safety Charter in 2011, promoting the principles set out therein and thereby committing to implement concrete actions and share best practices to resolve traffic problems in the environment, thus helping to reduce the number of accidents and potential victims.

At present, Grupo Azvi is adapting its Mobility Plan and Road Safety to the new UNE-ISO 39001:2013 Standard Road Traffic Safety (RTS) management system.

Healthy Workplace Model


Our fundamental principle is to continually promote and protect, the health, safety and well-being of workers and the sustainability of the work environment.

The actions taken over these years, in accordance with our Health Surveillance Service, were aimed at promoting health, such as action against flu, healthy eating, hypertension and sporting habits, in order to improve the health of workers in the company.