Good Governance

Grupo Azvi is a company with a commitment to good corporate governance, with the integrity, ethics, and transparency that are necessary to all aspects of corporate life and business, serving as an essential base upon which to establish relationships of mutual trust with stakeholders.

Circle of Value

Maintaining a sustainable Circle of Value for clients, suppliers, contractors, and collaborators is one of the fundamental commitments of Grupo Azvi.

The goal is to do it with maximum quality, safety, and innovation, while continuously improving our processes and activities, with a clear dedication to service.


Grupo Azvi contributes to sustainable development in all the social environments in which it is present, considering corporate responsibility to be an integral part of its strategy, voluntarily incorporated into the management of its activities and in the needs, expectations and requirements of stakeholders, combining the improvement of financial results with legal obligations, social policy and sustainable growth.

With this aim, and to channel various activities, Grupo Azvi Foundation was created in 2011. The entity adds to the social concerns of the company through the management of its own projects based on respect for the environment and human dignity as well as the management of activities in the field of social development, international cooperation and cultural promotion. Similarly, among its purposes is the implementation of social projects intended to raise awareness of the importance of education in values and the defence of a childhood.

In their design and planning, the programmes are structured around the concept of human development upheld by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and in line with the recommendations made for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and those expressed in the document “The Future We Want”, made by the Working Group of the United Nations Development Agenda Post 2015 and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).