Tracción Rail was formed in 2005 as Grupo Azvi’s answer to the establishment of free competition in rail freight transport in Spain.

In February 2008, Tracción Rail obtained the operating certificates and began its activities as a rail operator on 5 lines of the Adif network, until 2009, when Adif expanded Tracción Rail’s safety certificate to be able to work practically anywhere within the Spanish railway network.

From the moment they were put into operation, Tracción Rail’s locomotives have been used for not only the transport of trains with oils, biodiesel and hazardous products but also the transport of the materials necessary to carry out different railway projects, from the construction of new High Speed Lines to conventional track renovations.

Traccion Rail promotes the development of Quality Management System and Environmental Management System in conformance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards. Management Systems apply to “Freight Transport by Rail, including dangerous goods. Transport and Material Supply for railway construction and maintenance. Suplementary services: shunting at freight terminals and drive rail vehicles for ancillary services.