Azvi Inmobiliaria focuses its activities on the development of residential, tertiary and industrial properties, and on the management and urban development of land.

It brings together the expertise of a group of the real estate sector’s specialist companies whose  outstanding work is endorsed by the more than two thousand dwellings handed-over in the last 10 years. Real Estate developments which always maintain the highest standards of quality, design and customer service.

In addition, Azvi Inmobiliaria can also claim a solid experience in comprehensive land management, providing a deep understanding of the legalities and urban management of land in every phase of development.

Azvi Inmobiliaria is made up of a multidisciplinary team with more than 15 years experience in property development. The technical, administrative and sales team are experts in land usage and real estate and are complemented by a wide network of external collaborators.Azviinmobiliaria