Azvi participates in the IX Railway Innovation Congress in San Fernando, Cádiz


Azvi participates and collaborates with the 9th edition of the Railway Innovation Congress which is being held in San Fernando, Cádiz. It is a congress that brings together the most recent experiences of railway innovation in all areas: infrastructure, facilities, rolling stock, ancillary equipment, operation, maintenance and safety. In addition to collaborating with the organization, …read more

The OGI Axles successfully complete 50,000 km


  The consortium formed by Azvi, Tria and OGI, in collaboration with Adif, has successfully completed the first 50,000 km (Phase I) of service trials on the OGI variable-gauge freight Axles as specified by the ETH, Technical Specifications for Accreditation of Railway Material: Wagons. This first 50,000 km phase was undertaken on 1,668 mm Iberian …read more

Azvi successfully launches the Zezelj Bridge arches in Serbia


The shunting manoeuvre of the large arch is comparable to moving the Eiffel tower.   The bridge stands out as one of the largest span mixed-use railway bridges in the world. The railway bridge was once used by the Orient Express. Azvi has successfully completed the launch of the two arches which make up the …read more

Grupo Azvi with Mexico


Grupo Azvi and its subsidiaries in México, Construcciones Urales and Cointer México, have offered the Mexican administration the use of an emergency unit to help in the removal of rubble and material in Mexico City The unit, which is operational 24 hours a day, is made up of a 10 person crew on day shift …read more

OGI Axle service trials


After completing the first 5,300 km on the 310 T/Aranjuez-Cuenca line, service trials continue on the 300 T/Alcázar de San Juan-La Encina line, where 1,370 km/day will be tested until reaching the first 50,000 km of Phase I Iberian width (1668 mm). Once Phase I is completed, the next 50,000 km in UIC width (1435 …read more